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Stake-Pulling Machine Saves Time, Labor
“One customer pulled out about 5,000 stakes with it and told me he’d never do it by hand again,” says Mervin Burkholder. “Everyone who has seen it likes it and loves to run it.”
Burkholder operates a general repair and farm equipment shop, where he also manufactures Steinsammler grapples. With an employee who is a good builder, Burkholder decided there might be a market for a simple stake puller.
“There is a big commercial unit for use on large acreage farms,” says Burkholder. “We wanted to come up with something for small acreage vegetable growers.”
The all-hydraulic stake puller can be controlled from the tractor seat or from valves on the cart. A cylinder mounted to the axle and the tongue swings the cart from transit mode behind the tractor to field mode to the right of the rear wheel. Guide arms line up any errant stakes in front of the gathering chains. Hydraulic motors drive the roller chains that pull the stakes out, lifting them up and depositing them on the deck. A hydraulic cylinder underneath the rear deck tips it to release gathered stakes once the rear gate has been removed.
“The loose stakes can be dumped as is, or a strap can be put on them first,” says Burkholder. “If a customer wanted, the Stake Puller can be customized. One suggestion was to mount a chipper on the deck with the stake chips blown back onto the field.”
Burkholder is pricing his stake puller at $6,800. This past year he and Martin’s Produce Supplies have been renting units to area farmers to build awareness and gather input.
“We’ve been charging $100 a day for the exposure,” says Burkholder. “I think it would be a nice rental unit for any owner. While they would only need it for a few hours a year themselves, I expect they could rent it out to other growers for $200 a day.”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Burkholder Equipment, 107 Hammond Rd., Shippensburg, Penn. 17257 (ph 717 532-7337).

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