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Cart-Mounted Generator Pumps Water, Powers Tools
Bill Snyder uses his “generator cart” to operate a 110-volt sump pump in a creek that supplies water for his garden. The generator bolts onto a steel frame he welded on front of the cart, leaving room in the cart for eight 5-gal. plastic containers of water. A removable plywood cover keeps the generator dry at all times.
“I use the generator cart to haul the water about 1/4 mile to our garden,” says Snyder. “For years I used the sump pump with a small generator that I hauled on a trailer. However, after I loaded the trailer with buckets of water there wasn’t room for the generator. I’m 84 years old and the generator was difficult for me to lift, so I left it behind and chained it to a tree to keep anyone from stealing it. Another problem was that the generator was difficult to cover, so after a rain it was often hard to start. Now it stays on my trailer all the time.
“Another advantage is that I can use the generator to operate tools in remote areas that don’t have electricity, and even use it in an emergency to power our house.”
A neighbor gave him an old, small 2-wheeled yard cart without any sides, so Snyder used 1/2-in. thick plywood to make new sides. “The 8-in. tires were worn out, so he  cut them off and drilled new bolt holes in the wheels. Then he bolted on a pair of car spare tires that he already had.
The generator is bolted to an angle iron frame that he welded on front of the cart. “The added weight of the generator on front made it hard to hook the cart up to my garden tractor, so I welded a tongue jack onto the trailer’s tongue underneath the generator. I also made a one-piece box cover and screwed wooden handles on front and back of it, which makes the cover easy to remove,” notes Snyder.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bill Snyder, P.O. Box 117, Nauvoo, Ill.  62534 (ph 217 453-2781; harbinger942@yahoo.com).

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