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Online Vet Services Offer Big Savings
The cost of veterinarian office calls averages around $75 and emergency care starts at $300 in many areas. It’s often difficult to know when to make an in-person visit and that’s when online vet services can really pay off.
WhiskerDocs offers 24/7 service for pets via phone, email or chat. Using the company’s patented process, a veterinarian asks the caller what the symptoms are and uses established protocols to how serious the situation is.
“Our job is to offer decision support, guiding owners to the best course of action, about what they should do, helping them ask the right questions of their veterinarian, and educating them on signs and symptoms they should watch for,” says Deb Leon, CEO and founder of WhiskerDocs.
Leon estimates that about half of the calls are resolved with home treatment options and watchful care. The other half of callers are advised to go to a vet or emergency care.
“There is no financial incentive for us to recommend any specific course of action,” Leon says.
At WhiskerDocs, people can use a one-time service for $40 for an instant call or online chat or $5 for an email answer. Most clients choose a $130 annual membership for unlimited support for a pet (75 percent off for additional pets). For any call or chat, the WhiskerDocs team makes a followup call to make sure the pet is doing okay.
Livestock will be included in the future, Leon says.
Online veterinary telehealth services can be a great tool for all pet owners, but especially helpful for rural folks far away from vet clinics. For example, one 2 a.m. call was about a dog that ate a large amount of dark chocolate and the closest emergency clinic was 350 miles away. The vet who answered the call was able to offer help that likely saved the dogs’ life.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, WhiskerDocs, 9933 Lawler Ave., Suite 325, Skokie, Ill. 60077 (ph 855 698-3824 – business office ; www.whiskerdocs.com; info@whiskerdocs.com).

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