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Quick Draw Gets Tough Weeds
New from Keeton Enterprises, Louisville, Kty., is the"Quick Draw" liquid applicator for spot treatment of Roundup and other herbicides to control tough weeds - including volunteer corn in soybeans. It prevents wasting of chemicals from spillage and is said to be more convenient to use than rope or wick applicators designed for hand use.
The Quick Draw's protective canister not only prevents the fiber element from drying out, but also protects chemicals inside the canister from contamination. A dust cap fits over the canister opening to prevent weed seeds and dirt from entering.
The Quick Draw can be stored in the cab of your truck, on your tractor or wherever it's most convenient for you to kill tough weeds. You can also strap it on your back. The entire unit weighs only 1% lbs. and holds one qt. of herbicide.
To kill'weeds, all you do is remove the element and brush it over the plant. With herbicides like Roundup, you need only a drop or two to kill weeds. "It's great for walking soybean fields to nail volunteer corn," Bill Edie, marketing director for the product, told FARM SHOW. "A lot of highway departments are also using Quick Draw units to clear weeds out of crownvetch and similar stands planted on steep embankments where it's difficult to walk. Also, the Quick Draw is ideal for nurserymen since it can replace expensive, timeconsuming hoeing."
Edie adds that there is some interest for using the Quick Draw to apply insecticides on cattle and horses. Diamond Shamrock, for example, is interested in using it to apply their Cio-Vap insecticide on cattle to control hornfly and blowfly problems. The Quick Draw ranges in price from $19.95 to $24.95, depending on availability and area of the country. An adapter kit containing extensions and a foliage guard is also available for $4.95.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bill Edie, Marketing Director, P.O. Box 20193, Louisville, Kty. 40220 (ph 502 454 0243).

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