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Bin “Skirt” Works Better Than Sealants To Keep Moisture Out
”Grain bin owners face a never-ending problem of moisture seeping into the bottom of bins, even if they’re sealed with foam or tar. That’s why we went looking for a better solution,” says Ben Casper of Moveit, Inc. Casper says their All-Bin Flex Skirt, with U.S. and Canadian patents, wraps protection around the base of any size bin and is a permanent solution to a serious problem. The skirt isn’t damaged with the expansion and contraction of bins like present-day sealants are.
Casper developed the Flex Skirt after years of resealing his 8 bins every year, including one 65,000 bushel bin. After installing his Flex Skirts, he says grain around the inside base of the bins remains dry and in good condition rather than moldy and clumpy from moisture seeping in. And he doesn’t have to re-seal the bins every year.
The two-part Bin Skirt includes corrugated and flexible metal sheeting that deflects snow and water away from the base of a bin. The 9-in. tall corrugated skirt rests at an angle about 3 to 4 in. away from the bin on the concrete base and is attached to the bin about 6 in. up from the base. A smooth metal seal covers the top of the corrugated skirt and screws lightly to the rib. Foam sealant is applied away from the base of the bin inside the skirt to seal out any moisture.
“The Bin Skirt fits any diameter bin including those with outside stiffeners,” Casper says. “Installation is easy using a 5/16-in. nut driver on a cordless drill, an angle grinder, a cut-off wheel, and a tie-down strap. Inspection doors allow the owner to check inside the skirt at any time for rodent control.”
The bin skirt costs $5 per foot and includes the corrugated skirt and the splash deflector metal flex cover, along with fastening hardware and foam dam sealant. Outside stiffener covers are optional. To determine the amount needed, multiply the bin diameter by 3.22.
Moveit offers a 15 percent discount for orders of more than 1,000 ft. and a 25 percent discount for orders of more than 2,500 ft. Small orders ship by FedEx ground and larger orders by motor freight.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ben Casper, Moveit, Inc., 171 N. Canal Blvd., Basin City, Wash. 99343 (ph 509 269-4632; sales@moveitinc.com).

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