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“Slide Hammer” Opens Coconuts Easily
Did you ever bring coconuts home from vacation and wonder what to do with them?
David Wolfe says his new “slide hammer” makes opening coconuts a fast and easy job, without making a mess.
“It works somewhat like a slide hammer that body shops use to pull dents out of cars,” says Wolfe. “It’s much easier to control than a conventional hammer, so you can use it on a coconut in your kitchen without pieces flying all over and making a mess.”
The slide hammer consists of a 12-in. long metal rod with a handle at one end, and a 5-in. long square metal hammer that’s free to move up or down on the rod. A threaded receiver at the bottom of the rod is designed to accept 2 different attachments - a small pointed “eye puncher” and a blunt nut cracker that looks like a big thumb screw.
To open the coconut, place it inside a 3-in. dia. metal ring (supplied) with the coconut’s black dots, or “eyes”, facing up, then use the eye puncher to knock the eyes out. After draining the water into a drinking cup, replace the eye puncher with the nut cracker. Hold the handle with one hand, and use your other hand to slam the hammer down against the coconut until it cracks. Keep working your way around the coconut with the hammer until the coconut splits into 2 pieces. After flipping the pieces over, attach the nut cracker and pop bite-size pieces of meat off the shell.
“It lets you easily remove the coconut meat in a controlled fashion,” says Wolfe. “The metal ring keeps the coconut from rolling around as you hit it with the slide hammer.”
The slide hammer comes in a flat storage box that will fit in a cabinet drawer. It sells for under $35 plus S&H.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, David Wolfe, Versatile Arts, 4140 Oceanside Blvd., Oceanside, Calif. 92056 (ph 760 622-8028; jdavidw@gmail.com).

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