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Custom Self-Propelled Hoof Trimming Table
Dale Herr has never had a problem getting his hoof-trimming table into tight spaces. The self-propelled table can turn on a dime thanks to its hydraulic motor-driven front wheels.
“I had trailer-mounted tables before, but they were often difficult to back in where I wanted,” says Herr. “Since I built this unit I haven’t had a problem.”
Herr had seen plenty of hoof trimming tables on the backs of trucks or trailers, but never anything quite like he wanted. He made a scale model in wood and took it to a metal fabricator in Virginia.
“I was never good at drawing ideas on paper, but I could build a model,” recalls Herr. “They looked at the model and built the table.”
Much of the 7-ft. wide by 12-ft. long trailer/table is a standard squeeze chute. Hydraulic cylinders set it upright on the ground or pick the cow up and lay her on her side to be trimmed.
Two heavy-duty, cross-table jack stands at the front and back of the table provide stability and level it. The mainframe and legs of the trailer are 5 by 7-in. steel tubing. The channel iron jack stands are raised and lowered by hydraulic cylinders inside the legs.
The front jack stand serves double duty. When fully lowered, it raises the front drive wheels off the ground for hooking or unhooking the gooseneck hitch.
Herr set the table up with dual hydraulic systems. A 10 hp. Briggs and Stratton gas motor with hydraulic pump powers the drive wheels. A chain drive runs from a hydraulic motor to a sprocket on the wheels. A hydraulic cylinder turns the drive wheels left or right.
Once the trailer is in place, he shuts down the gas engine and utilizes a 12-volt, battery-powered hydraulic pump for the jack stands and squeeze chute hydraulics.
“I use 2 marine batteries with a charger that I can plug in if an outlet is handy,” says Herr. “It can handle 45 to 50 cows a day. If I went to a 24 or 48-volt system, the cylinders would work faster and I could do more.”
After 2 decades of trimming hooves, Herr is ready to turn the table over to someone else. He will even provide hoof-trimming training.
“I have it for sale for $15,000,” says Herr. “It’s a good table and has made hoof trimming a lot easier.”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dale Herr, 1525 Hollywood Ave., Lititz, Penn. 17543 (ph 717 330-0235).

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