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Stray Voltage Alarm
"Having one of these in your barn is like having a smoke alarm in your home. It won't solve a problem but lets you know right away when you have one," says Peter Pius, Spring Green, Wis., inventor of a new stray voltage alarm.
Slightly bigger than a pack of cigarettes and powered by a 6-volt or larger battery, it has one wire that you connect to a ground rod and a second wire which you attach to a pipeline, stanchion, etc. If any voltage goes through this second wire, a beeper sounds and a light goes off. The alarm can be set so it's triggered by stray voltages ranging from ? to 2 volts.
Pitts notes that the light stays on until you reset the unit. For example, if the light's on in the morning when you come into the barn, you know that the power surge occurred sometime during the night. The beeper sounds as long as the power surge is going on.
Pitts hopes to have the new alarm on the market this summer at a retail cost of right at $89.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Peter Pitts, Rt. 3, Box 360, Spring Green, Wis. 53588 (ph 608 583-2104).

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