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Anti-Sway “Locks” Stabilize Tractor Lift Arms
Minnesota inventor Mark Rinke says the anti-sway bars on his tractor’s lift arms didn’t always hold them the correct distance apart for the equipment he was hooking up. So he built a device that lets him adjust the width incrementally and hold it there.
Rinke’s 3-pt. anti-sway assembly allows a few inches of left or right restricted arm swing. More important, he says, the spring pin lock stabilizes both arms once width adjustment and hookup is finalized. When the lock pin is pulled, a slot within the square tubing securely holds the lift arm and prevents it from getting off course during hookup.
The device uses a swivel fine-threaded bolt shank and barrel that can be rotated to make final width adjustments to match the implement being connected. Rubber seals and grease fittings keep the joints lubricated and free of dust and dirt.
Rinke says he has nothing against the OEM anti-sway chains used on most lift arms, but those always allow an inch or two of side-to-side movement, even when secured. His device maintains a constant width without any sway so equipment hookup is easier and safer.
To complement his anti-sway device, Rinke made a stabilizer bracket that holds the lift arms and 3-pt. assembly securely in a raised/parked position when it’s not in use. “By locking them up mechanically, I don’t have to worry about lowering the arms if I accidentally hit the hydraulic lever while dismounting the tractor,” he says. Rinke made the bracket out of 3/4-in. tubing with cradles on each end that fit onto the bottom of the upper lift arms. The curved center of the bracket tucks into the tractor frame just below the oil fill.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Mark Rinke, 11175 225th St. E., Lakeville, Minn. 55044 (mark.rinke@nngco.com).

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