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Monitor Calls When Animal Trapped
With new cell technology, Skyhawk Kiwi monitors give trappers real time notification when there is activity at their live traps.
A Kiwi monitor detects vibration when a trap door closes. It sends an alert to a phone via email, text or push notification.
The biggest advantage of the Skyhawk monitor is that it has built-in (Verizon LTE) cellular technology.
“Our saying is: No Wi-Fi. No power. No problem,” says Rich Shevelow, CEO of The PICA Group. The system connects automatically and reliably in fringe areas where only text messages work.
With the purchase of a Kiwi Monitor ($105), customers choose a subscription plan (ranging from $8/month for two years to $14/month quarterly) through Skyhawk.
The system comes with an app to download on a cell phone and options for attaching the monitor including magnetics, Velcro or zip ties. The monitor is the size of a deck of cards, and is powered by three AAA lithium batteries that last up to three years and work in temperatures down to 40 degrees below zero.
“Our first market focus was on trapping, but it’s also being used for private homes to monitor back gates,” Shevelow says.
For farm applications the Kiwi monitor can be placed in sheds, barns, remote buildings and on equipment parked in a field for added security.
“Next year we’ll be launching suites of products that will be like a hub or router to serve multiples,” says Shevelow.
They will work with everything from rodent traps to monitoring leaks on water pipes. Kiwi is available through Skyhawk as well as Tomahawk Live Trap, Wildlife Control Supplies, and Animal Traps & Supplies.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Skyhawk, 4 Ash Street Extension, Derry, N.H. 03038 (ph 800 760-3966; www.sky-hawk.com; sales@sky-hawk.com).

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