“Hen Pigeon” Attracting Lots Of Fans
Bird-lover Brad Stuckey says he was smitten the first time he saw a “mini chicken pigeon.” That was his impression of the German Modena Pigeon that is referred to as a “Hen Pigeon” because of its long legs and the way it stands like a chicken.
Six years later Stuckey has about 100 German Modena pigeons and is president of the German Modena Association, which he and Tim Heidrich, secretary/treasurer, started in 2019.
“They are really iconic for particular markings,” Stuckey says of the breed. “I love the rich, crisp colors.”
For example, pigeons with a Gazzi coloring are all white except for the head, upper throat, wings and tail. German Modena Pigeons with Schietti (black) or Magnani (almond) have more color all over.
“They are overall a hardy and pleasant breed. They can be a great beginner breed. The only challenge is that they are very lively, spunky and energetic. Males enjoy strutting and trying to woo females,” he says.
The German Modena is the smallest of the Hen Pigeon group and originates from Italy as far back as the 1300’s. German breeders began importing them in the 1870’s, with specific traits in mind to breed them into the elegant show bird they are today. Their legs, body and neck each make up 1/3 of the pigeon’s height. The tail is short, closed and carried slightly high.
Pigeon hobbyists estimate there are at least 2,000 German Modena pigeons in the U.S., and interest is growing. There were 60 of them at the National Pigeon Association’s 100th Anniversary Show in early 2020.
German Modena pigeons can live 10 to 15 years and are generally sold in pairs ($20 to $50/each bird). Since they go through a courtship ritual, keeping them together as a pair ensures they will get along and mate, Stuckey says.
The German Modena Association’s goal is to teach members about maintaining the breed’s characteristics and to provide camaraderie. Contact him or Heidrich for more information.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, German Modena Association, 13550 Hwy. 28 East, Deville, La. 71328 (Brad Stuckey ph 318 792-8693; Tim Heidrich ph 404 922-4960; brad.d.stuckey@gmail.com; Facebook: The German Modena).

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