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Huge Goose Decoy Doubles As A Blind
Instead of building a hunting blind that must be kept out of sight, a Minnesota hunter has invented an innovative new blind that doubles as a decoy, or vice versa.

Stan Carlson, Anoka, Minn., invented the "Trojan Goose" which is made from lightweight fiberglass. It's big enough to contain a low-lying chair in which the hunter reclines while waiting for geese, watching the sky through a hole in the back of the decoy's neck. When geese come in, attracted by the huge decoy, the hunter quickly flips open the double doors on the back of the decoy and shoots.

"This decoy is very attractive to geese. It has something to do with the memory of the relationship of a gosling to its mother because I've seen geese walk right up to the decoy and honk at it like a small gosling does to its mother. The relationship of the size between the decoy and a goose is about the same as that between a mother goose and it's offspring," says Carlson, noting that an advantage of the huge decoy is that it'll pull geese in from as far away as 4 miles, making it "twice as effective" as conventional decoys.

"If there's a hunter in the next field with conventional decoys the geese will always choose the Trojan Goose. It often makes other hunters angry but farmers who rent out their land to goose hunters can charge twice as much if they provide these decoys to hunters," says Carlson.

The Trojan Goose weighs 37 lbs., including the chair. It's fitted with carrying straps so the hunter can carry his "lunch in one hand, his gun in the other and the decoy over his shoulder", according to Carlson, who's already sold more than 350 of the large decoys. A smaller dog-sized Trojan decoy is also available. Like the larger version, the dog sits inside and only runs out after a goose is downed. Carlson says most dogs get the hang of it the first time out.

The Trojan Goose sells for $275.

For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Stan Carlson, Diversified Fiberglass Inc., 680 Constance Blvd. N.W., Anoka, Minn. 55303 (ph 612 434-6688).

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