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Modified Wallenstein Wood Splitter
Charles MacDonald, North Lancaster, Ont.: “Over the years, my brother Ken and I have owned 3 Wallenstein wood splitters. We’ve always been pleased with their performance and ruggedness. One feature common to all of them is that the splitting wedge never came closer than 1 1/2 in. from the backstop. This isn’t a problem with most wood species, which just break apart by that point. But field elm, field ash, along with some other tough woods would not split entirely. If you reversed the log to try to finish the split, the cutting edge would take a different path than what was needed.
    “We solved the problem by adding a block to the backstop which decreased the gap to just 1/4 in. Even the toughest elm splits easily now. We added strips to the back of the block so it fits over the original backstop, making it easy to remove when it’s not needed.”

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2020 - Volume #44, Issue #6