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Indoor Klima-Gro Flower Garden
Now, thanks to the new Klima-Gro from General Aluminum Products, Charlotte, Mich., you can grow a beautiful flower, garden inside your house all year long.
Most plants require 12 to 14 hours of light per day, plus the proper amount of heat and moisture for maximum growth and flowering. Nature doesn't provide this ideal condition long enough for repeated growing cycles. Klima-Gro does - all year long.
The unit itself measures 4 ft. long, about 2 ft. deep and 2 ft., 4 in. high. It's large enough to provide you with living, blooming plants the year around, yet small enough to fit into almost any room, whether living room, bedroom or office.
Built-in fluorescent lights provide proper light intensity - no natural light needed. Automatic 24 hr. light control and water reservoirs protect against effects of over-watering, and make the unit a natural "plant sitter" during your absence from home for up to a month.
An optional moisture sensor tells you when to add and stop adding water. A light sensor turns off lights when natural light is sufficient for proper plant growth. When natural light fades, lights are switched on
again automatically.
A standard and a deluxe model are available:
KG-100: It features a thermostatically controlled soil bed which maintains temperature to within 1 degree at the point of the sensor, and a manual on and off switch for turning on two standard 40 watt fluorescent bulbs built into the unit. Suggested retail is $269.95.
KG-225: It has all of the features of the KG-100, plus 24-hr. timer for automatic light control with manual override switch. Its moisture sensor is calibrated for the moisture holding capacity of the soil bed. Direct reading meter tells when water should be added and when sufficient water has been added. Suggested retail is $329.95.
Both models are available with a custom-made, walnut grained base which turns the Klima-Grow into a distinctive piece of furniture. The unit, purchased without the base, can be placed on a table, divider or other support.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, James Taylor, Product Manager, Consumer Products Division, General Aluminum Products, Charlotte, Mich. 48813. (ph 517 543-0430).

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