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Bird Feeder “Bearproofed” With Electric Fence
Murray Ward lives a few miles from Grand Rapids, Minn., in the heart of bear country. After building a big decorative bird feeder for his back yard, he needed something to keep the local bears at bay. He solved the problem by tapping into an electric fence wire on a wooden rail fence behind the yard.
He hooked up 4 strands of electric wire between the fence and his house. Two strands run a few ft. away from each side of the feeder, with the bottom strand 3 in. above ground and the top strand 24 in. The wires are hooked up to a pair of spring-loaded, electric fence gate hooks that attach to the house.
“When we want to mow the yard or my wife wants to work with her flowers, we just remove the gate hooks,” says Ward. “A timer is used to automatically electrify the wires in the evening and turn them off in the morning.”
He knows the fence works on bears. “One morning right after I put up the fence, we saw that a bear had come in the night and got shocked. The wires were all tangled up, but the bear never touched the feeder and it never came back.”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Murray Ward, 29360 Co. Rd. 67, Grand Rapids, Minn. 55744 (ph 218 398-7160; wardstwo@gmail.com).

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