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“Cow Crane” Lift For Down Cows
Getting a down cow back into a standing position is an easy chore with this new lift for down cows.
  The Cow Crane is a self-contained, portable cow lifter designed to pick up down cows. It comes with a multi-position tongue that hooks up to any pickup bumper.
  “It lets you control the cow after lifting so she can gradually regain the use of her legs. To my knowledge, there’s nothing on the market like it,” says Roger Swihart. “You can lift a down animal without causing any trauma or injury, and use it to walk the animal to help them get back on their feet.”
  The lift rides on 18-in. rear tires and smaller front caster wheels, and also has a hitch so you can tow it down the road from one farm to another. It’s equipped with a nylon strap on front and a hip clamp on back, both raised or lowered by worm gear winches.
  To lift an animal, you roll the Cow Crane into position over the cow and use the hip clamp to pick her up just enough to get the front strap under her behind the front legs. Then raise the cow to a standing position.
  “The cow has the freedom not only to stand, but to walk on her own while supported by the Cow Crane,” says Swihart. “Often one time will get the cow back on her feet. If not, just lower her into a comfortable position until it’s time to lift again.”
  The nylon strap and hip clamp are independently raised or lowered by using either a wrench or an electric drill. “A drill with socket is faster and more convenient, so we will include one,” says Swihart.
  The unit has a hinged tongue which, by pulling 2 pins, can be adjusted to 3 different positions – one for transport mode that lifts the caster wheels off the ground; one that frees up the tongue so it can be pulled behind a 4-wheeler, skid loader, or pickup; and one that raises the tongue up out of the way for storage.
  The Cow Crane sells for $4,295 delivered in the U.S. You can watch it in action on the company website or on YouTube.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Swihart Sales Co., 7240 County Rd. AA, Quinter, Kan. 67752 (ph 785 754-3513; swiharts@ruraltel.net; www.swihart-sales.com).

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