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Fiberglass Fencing Stays Sliver-Free
TJs Fencing warranties their fiberglass fencing to be sliver-free for 20 years. The company has developed a special process to surface-mill recycled fiberglass tubing. A special coating provides UV protection to prevent breakdown, and a special additive prevents the growth of mold and mildew.
It took me 2 years to develop and build the machine, which grinds away about 5/1000 of an inch for a new, smooth surface, says Travis Johanningmeier, TJs Fencing. Then we put on a special coating that prevents slivers. The company that worked with us on the coating spent about 6 months developing the special formula.
Johanningmeier takes pride in using all recycled steel and fiberglass in his fencing materials. The former oil field worker built his first fence for his dad back home in northeast Iowa. He used steel rod recycled from oil wells. Soon he was building them for others. As the business grew to include dairy stalls and fencing, he realized corrosion was a problem with steel in highly acidic, livestock environments. That led to using fiberglass, also recovered from oil wells.
Fiberglass has many uses in agriculture. However, eventual slivering of the surface is a recognized problem. Once Johanningmeier developed his patented process, he was able to offer customers his 20-year sliver-free warranty with a coating that comes in white, gray and special order colors.
The wide variety of fiberglass tubing available from oil wells gives Johanningmeier and his customers lots of options. In addition to gates and fence panels, electric fence posts are a hot product. He has also developed free stall, palpation and feed rail systems, as well as show fence. He also builds custom orders.
We have fiberglass tubing with diameters ranging from 2 in. to 16 in. and wall thicknesses from 3/16 in. to 3/4 in., says Johanningmeier. We have some tubes that weigh as much as 1,500 lbs. each. We get used, reject, scrap and seconds and put them to work.
TJs Fencing has a built a strong following with recycled fiberglass for fencing. Customers stretch from California to Florida and Texas to the Netherlands.
We recently gave quotes on some gates in the United Kingdom, says Johanningmeier. If FARM SHOW readers are interested, they can contact us or one of our contractors.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, TJs Fencing Company, 461 State Hwy. 76, Harpers Ferry, Iowa 52146 (ph 563 586-2023; tjfence@acegroup.cc; www.tjsfencingcompany.com).

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