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“Ready To Roll” Wild Hog Trap
Harry Stracener’s one-man “reel trap” makes catching wild hogs easy. The 8-ft. dia., 4-ft. high unit rolls into place by hand, flops over onto the ground, and is ready to go. Bait the trap, and the spring-loaded gate does all the work.
“One man can set it up in just a few minutes,” says Stracener. “I fill the feed trough with bait such as shelled corn and dried strawberry jello. When the first hog to the feed hits a trigger on the trough, the gate closes. While the trapped hog can’t get out, hogs outside can push through the one-way gate to get their share of the bait.”
Stracener built the trap by welding livestock panels with 4-in. square openings onto the top and sides of a utility reel designed to hold underground cable. The gate is tripped when the feed trough located next to it is pushed down by feeding hogs.
A spring holds the gate shut, and a latch on top of the cage is connected by cable to the trough. When the gate is pushed back, the latch holds the gate open, and when the hog pushes down on the trough it trips the latch and the the gate slams shut.
“One person can easily roll the reel around on its edge which makes it easy to load onto a trailer,” says Stracener. “A metal shield wired on outside the trap keeps raccoons from reaching in from the outside and accidentally tripping the trigger.”
Stracener has built 3 of the traps and says he’s willing to sell one of them for about $450.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Harry Stracener, 514 Tanglewood Trail, Buda, Texas 78610 (ph 512 497-1151; todd.stracener@yahoo.com).

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