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New Solair Building Has Two New ideas
Two new ideas in confinement are incorporated into the new Solair facility unveiled by ILS, of Cedar Falls, Iowa.
Aerobic flush system: As shown in the drawing, the confinement structure for farrowing, growing or finishing hogs, or for use as a calf nursery, has a sub-floor beneath the slats. Manure drops through the slats onto this sub-floor which has a narrow slot down the center. This sub-floor is automatically flushed periodically (using liquid recycled from the pit below) into the large manure pit below. The idea: Fans don't have to work as hard to control odors and gases coming off the pit. Air pressure blocks the narrow center slot, preventing odors and gases from rising up into the building.
Solar Sist Roof: A solar-assisted heating and ventilation system is built into the roof to preheat incoming winter air before it is drawn into the building interior. Solar panels in the roof transmit the sun's heat to air chambers running the length of the building.
Cost of the 12 x 32 ft. Solair nursery for hogs, less the pit, is expected to be right at $9,000. A 10-stall farrowing house will run about $14,000. The first prototypes were slated for construction as this issue of FARM SHOW went to press.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, ILS, 221 East Main, Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613 (ph. 319-277-4315).

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