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Custom-Modified Shipping Containers
Repurposed shipping containers are everywhere and being used for everything under the sun. Conexwest, considered one of the 5 largest resellers of containers, is a one-stop-shop for customization. In just the past 7 years the company has worked with more than 10,000 customers.
“We sell containers as is, or with as much as $100,000 in modifications,” says a company spokesman. “Some companies do only high-end modifications, while others do only modest ones. There is no limit to what we can and will do.”
Variations begin with the containers themselves, ranging in length from 10 ft. to 45 ft. Descriptions include general purpose, side opening, high cube, open-top, flat rack, insulated and refrigerated.
“We have 3 levels of refrigeration, down to negative 76 degrees,” according to Conexwest.
The company started out using shipping containers as self-storage units to be rented out to consumers and businesses. They quickly discovered their customers were interested in owning their own and having them customized. In addition, the company offers units already fabricated for a wide variety of uses, from shelters to restrooms and even bleachers.
“People say this is what we want,” says the spokesman. “The first time someone wanted to make one into a restaurant, I thought it was unusual. It isn’t anymore.”
Rust is one of the biggest factors to be considered when putting a value on a container, according to Conexwest. “If it is going to be used as underground storage or for an in-ground swimming pool, aesthetics don’t matter. “However, if it will be sitting in the front yard or used for housing, how it looks is important.”
The company’s website lets prospective customers select standard modifications and see changes as they are added to a container. Customer specialists are also available to assist in designing and pricing a customized unit.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Conexwest, 800 Ave. H, San Francisco, Calif. 94130 (ph 415 802-1302; toll free 855 878-5233 x 1; sales@conexwest.com; www.conexwest.com).

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