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Massey Dealer Rebuilds Combine Feeder Augers
Beat up feeder augers are a common sight, even on late model combines, but the high cost of replacements usually means old augers stay in place until they fall apart.
Now, an Ohio equipment dealer has found a way to cut replacement costs in half by rebuilding damaged augers.
Bill Schmidt, an Upper Sandusky Massey Ferguson dealer, says damage to feeder augers almost always occurs in the center section that feeds directly into the feeder house. So he's designed replacement center sections to fit most any combine auger. They weld right into place once the damaged parts are removed.
"The replacement sections are rolled and punched to fit the combine and then fitted in place with the aid of a special jig," Schmidt explained to FARM SHOW. "Once repaired, the augers are as strong as the original and, in some cases, stronger."
Compared to the price of a new auger anywhere from $800 to $1300 Schmidt's price of $350 to $600 saves one-half the cost or more. And, he says dealers often do not stock the augers so they are either difficult to obtain, especially during harvest, or are no longer in production and must be rebuilt.
"Other shops have tried rebuilding feeder augers in the past but, so far as we know, we're the only shop doing it now. It's difficult to build the parts just right so the combine will continue to feed well, and so the replacement parts will last. The trick is to weld the new sections in straight," says Schmidt.
Farmers from up to several hundred miles away have been bringing their augers into Schmidt Equipment. He has also contracted with several other combine salvage yards in other states that are qualified to install the replacement parts. Schmidt says that if a farmer is a good welder he can probably install the replacements sections himself.
Rebuilt centers alone sell for around $100. If other parts of the auger are worn out, Schmidt says his shop is set up to repair that damage as well.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Schmidt Machine Co., Upper Sandusky, Ohio 43351 (ph 419 294-3814).

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