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Big Fertilizer Hopper For Planters
If you own a White 5100 or 6100 planter and apply dry fertilizer, you'll want to take a close look at a new add-on fiberglass hop-per that more than doubles the capacity of your planter's existing hopper. Also fits Deere, Case-IH and other planters.
The "Profit Hopper" mounts on the existing hopper's brackets and comes with extra brackets for more support. It uses the hopper's existing discharge augers and hardware. The hopper is covered by a watertight hinged lid with a 2-ft. dia. fill opening. An enclosed plastic cross auger mounted near the top of the hopper is driven by a hydraulic motor on one end of the hopper.
"It lets you plant more acres with fewer stops and makes it more practical to apply dry fertilizer," says Brian Pipho, inventor. "It's ideal for ridge and no-till farmers who put more fertilizer in the row because they can't broadcast it and work it in. Dry fertilizer costs considerably less than liquid fertilizer and can be mixed to match your soil type. However, dry fertilizer hoppers on White planters have limited capacity. For example, factory capacity on a 6-row planter is only 1,500 lbs. We're able to increase that to 4,000 lbs. with the Profit Hopper.
"It saves time. For example, if you apply 150 lbs. of dry fertilizer per acre with a White 6100 planter, you have to fill the fertilizer hopper three times for every time you fill the seed hopper. When you add the Profit Hopper, you just fill the fertilizer hopper whenever you fill the seed hopper. Application rate adjusts from 43 to 775 lbs. per acre. Add-on hopper capacity is 3,350 lbs. for a 4-row planter, 6,700 lbs. for an 8-row planter, and 8,000 lbs. for a 12-row planter.
"Another advantage is that the cross auger is completely enclosed inside the hopper which keeps dust from blowing around and keeps the planter cleaner. The cross auger will handle input from an 8-in. dia, gravity box auger and has a stainless steel shaft so it won't rust."
The Profit Hopper is available for folding and non-folding models.
A Profit Hopper and cross auger for a 6-row planter sells for $3,000.
Also available is a new breakaway planter marker for White planters that sells for $179.95 per pair.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Brian Pipho, Pipho Implement, Inc., Rt. 2, Box 2A1, Sumner, Iowa 50674 (ph 319 578-3375).

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