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500 BU Auger Bottom Grain Trailer
Robert Weer and his brother Bill turned an old auger bottom limestone transport trailer into a low-cost, 500-bu. grain wagon.
Weer, of Goldsboro, Md., bought the 16-ft. long 4-wheel trailer from a local fertilizer dealer for $200. The trailer had been used to haul lime from quarries and auger it into fertilizer spreader trucks. It was pulled behind a limestone spreader truck as a nurse rig for the truck. The auger was driven by a gas engine that was missing. Weer removed the rusted-out unload auger and replaced it with a new 10-in. dia. sq. pitch auger that extends 21/ 2 ft. out the back of the trailer. He mounted an 8-ft. long pto shaft on the front end of the auger. He also widened the trailer's sides and added sideboards that increase capacity by 125 bu.
"We use it to haul grain from the field and unload it into a portable auger that fills our bins," says Weer. "We built it for $700. A new comparable size grain wagon would have cost $10,000 to $15,000. It can unload 520 bu. of corn at the elevator in 5 min. The fifth wheel hitch is still in place on the front axle and responds faster than tie rods on a conventional grain wagon. Backing up takes a little getting used to. The 10.00 by 20 dual tires help stabilize the wagon."
The bottom of the trailer was tapered and the top had straight sides. Weer split the top of each corner and welded in pie-shaped wedges of steel plate, increasing trailer width by 2 ft. He also added a pair of 2 by 10 boards on top of each side and reinforced them with bolted-on steel plates at each corner. Steel truss rods support the sides of the trailer. He bent two 8-ft. long sections of 1/8-in. steel plate at a 90 degree angle and mounted them over the top of the bottom auger to protect it from the weight of the grain, leaving 2 in. of clearance on each side at the bottom for grain to flow into the auger. He salvaged the pto shaft from an old silage chopper.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Robert P. Weer, Rt. 1, Box 139A, Goldsboro, Md. 21636 (ph 301482-7237).

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