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Buttery Popcorn Idea
FARM SHOW readers who enjoy popcorn might like this idea.
  I like buttery popcorn but I donít like to eat too much of the butter they put in microwave popcorn. So I came up with a way to preserve some buttery flavor without eating too much of the stuff they use.
  Fold a paper towel and put it on a paper plate. Poke 15 to 20 small holes in the side of the popcorn bag that faces down in the microwave. Set the bag on the paper towel and microwave as usual. As the popcorn cooks, most of the butter will soak into the towel but you can still taste it on the popcorn. Youíll feel good about not eating all that butter and the popcorn will be tasty. (John Ottem, Broomfield, Colo.)

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