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“Shifty” Big Bale Grabber
“Our big bale grabber is equipped with 2 hydraulic cylinders that enable grabbing bales off center. It lets you grab and stack a bale when working in tight places, and also grab and move the bale after it has already been opened,” says Melvin Martin, Stevens, Penn. “Customers tell us they really like its versatility.”
    The Martin Bale Hugger is designed to handle round or big square bales and comes with a pair of cylinders that act independently. Each cylinder is attached to a steel plate that’s welded to a pair of horizontal tubes, which slide inside larger tubes as the cylinder is extended or retracted. The cylinder that doesn’t encounter any resistance will be the first one to move. The design lets you shift the arms independently to either side. They open from 30 to 76 in. wide.
    “You can center the bale inside the arms, or grab the bale from either side. However you drive up to the bale, that’s the position it’ll grab it whether it’s centered or not,” says Martin. “The ability to grab bales this way comes in handy if, for example, the bale sets close to a wall and there’s not enough room for the skid loader to center the bale. You can keep one arm stationary and move the other one in to grab the bale.”
    He says you also can grab and move a bale after the strings have been removed, without popping the middle out of the bale. “Both arms will apply the same amount of pressure, so as long as you square up the bale it won’t fly apart,” says Martin, adding that the Bale Hugger’s rounded arms work great for handling bales wrapped in plastic.
    Call for current pricing.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup: MZ Martin Welding, 850 Fivepointville Rd., Stevens, Penn. 17578 (ph 717 445-8546; mzmartinwelding@byfax.com).

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