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Gearbox On Harbor Freight Sawzall Filled With Gearbox Grease
Marvin Anderson, Glyndon, Minn.: “My Harbor Freight sawzall wasn’t running right so I took it apart to find out why. The problem was the gearbox contained light-duty grease that looked like vasoline, allowing too much metal-to-metal contact between gears.
  “I replaced the original gearbox grease with high quality wheel bearing grease, which solved the problem. Wheel bearing grease is very tacky so it clings to the gears in a gearbox, even when it’s operated at high speeds.
  “I also replaced the grease in my angle grinder and cordless drill. It’s relatively easy to take these tools apart, as I just had to remove 4 screws on the angle grinder and 7 on the drill. With the new grease these tools should last a long time.
  “The valve lifters in my Ford Ranger’s engine were getting noisy so I added Schaeffer Moly E.P. engine oil treatment. It solved the problem (www.schaefferoil.com). This additive provides extreme pressure protection for an engine’s bearings, valve train, pistons and piston rings.”

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