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DIY Cheese-Making Kits
Making cheese is easy with kits from the New England Cheese Making Supply Co. They sell a wide range of products, equipment, and other resources online and via their catalog. There’s something for everyone from beginner to intermediate to advanced cheese makers.
    “We have many kits geared toward beginners, from goat cheese to soft cheese and hard cheese like Gouda and Cheddar,” says April O’Malley, New England Cheese Making Supply. “Lots of recipes use the same ingredients. It’s just a matter of tweaking the process.”
    For more adventuresome cheese makers, the company offers 100 free recipes as well as starter packs for yogurt. “A yogurt starter pack will make 1 to 2 quarts and then you can reculture more yogurt with the first batch,” says O’Malley. “We sell starter packs for use with as little as 1 to 2 gal. of milk to quantities as large as 50 and 250 gal.”
    Other resources on the website include Tips and Techniques, Cheese Making FAQs, links to local cheese making supplies, a Good Milk List (suggestions of where you can find cheese making milk), links to other cheese making websites, and more.
    One book for sale on the website is Home Cheese Making by Ricki Carroll, co-founder of the company. Carroll and her husband started out with 2 goats in the 1970’s. They searched for supplies, ingredients and resources, experimenting on their own. By 1979 they were selling supplies and teaching workshops in their kitchen with students flying in from around the world. Workshops are still hands on, but taught by Ricki’s daughter Sarah.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, New England Cheese Making Supply Co., 54B Whately Rd., S. Deerfield, Mass. 01373 (ph 413 397-2012; info@cheesemaking.com; www.cheesemaking.com).

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