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Automatic Fence Lifter Reduces Labor
A solar-powered automatic fence lifter from Argentina recently caught our attention. Argentina rancher Pablo Etcheberry developed the economical and timesaving tool to help producers with livestock on intensive grazing. It’s a practice that allows producers to raise more cattle and grass on the same land for more profit. But opening and closing gates to move the cattle to multiple pastures each day is time consuming and labor intensive. The PensAgro automatic poly wire lifter reduces several daily pasture visits to once every day or two, if you have more than one lifter.
    “It only takes 1 1/2 minutes for 400 cows to go through,” Etcheberry says.
    Having worked in Montana, he notes that while North American ranchers typically move livestock through gates at the end of each electric fence line, South American ranchers have lifted the polywire fences by hand for decades. That gives them more options for places they can open up for livestock, and eliminates the need to install gates. It also creates a wider access for the cattle to a new paddock.
    The lifter is mounted on a 7-ft. rod that can be moved anywhere on a fence. It connects to the wire with a ring that lifts and lowers when activated by a timer that is powered by a solar cell on the lifter.
    “It makes a beep so the cattle hear it,” Etcheberry adds, noting the cattle figured it out the first day as they were used to someone lifting the fence. It may take a few days for cattle to learn if they went through gates in the past.
    It also puts the fence back down in 15, 30, 45, or 60 min. The wire can also remain up, which Etcheberry often does so the cattle can access water.
    “Moving cows many times a day is the future. You need to move them to let the grass behind rest. More grass means more cows and more profit. Every one of the 280 acres on my ranch is only grazed five days a year,” he explains,which gives the grass 360 days to rest and collect water.
    The Automatic Poly Wire Lifter is taking off in S.A. and is available in N.A. for about $300.
    Etcheberry also sells a solar powered Automatic Electric Fence Gate Opener ($268) that comes with a remote control to save producers the time and labor of getting out of machinery to open and close gates.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Pablo Etcheberry, PensAgro, (ph 011 54 9 11 5346-7488; www.pensagro.com; info@pensagro.com).

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