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Fly-Killing Hanging Bait Holder
“It’s safe to use, doesn’t make a mess, and keeps bait out of the reach of livestock, pets and other animals,” says Chris Bill about his company’s new hanging bait holder for killing flies.  
  Developed by Meller Poultry Equipment, Jarvis, Ontario, the patent pending bait holder consists of a 1-ft. long, 1-in. dia. mesh tube made from plastic-coated, metal door screen. You fill the tube with a commercial granular poison bait. Flies are drawn to the smell of the bait and feed on it through the mesh openings, then drop dead and fall to the floor.
  The bait holder can be hung in any dry location and controls flies for up to 120 sq. ft., says the company.
  “It’s an idea that’s almost too simple to believe, but it works fantastic at killing flies. A big advantage is that it keeps the bait dry and out of the reach of animals and kids,” says Bill. “Once the bait holder has been out for about a month you can freshen up the bait by rubbing the tube back and forth between the palms of your hands to bring fresh bait to the outside.”
  Bill says they’ve been making the bait holders for two years and have sold them mostly by word of mouth while they wait for the patent to come through. They don’t sell the bait because Canada requires a pesticide license to do that.
  The company is in the business of making and selling poultry equipment, and uses a machine they already had to put the bait holder together.
   “The plastic coating on the metal screen allows us to vulcanize the bottom end of the tube and close it shut,” says Bill. “We cut big pieces of screen into small strips and wrap them around a 1-in. dia. pipe. Then we use the machine to vulcanize the tube. A wire or strap can be inserted through the top end to hang it from a wall or ceiling.”
  Meller sells the bait holders for 96 cents apiece (Canadian) with a minimum order of 100. The price drops to 92 cents apiece for orders of more than 100.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Meller Poultry Equipment, Inc., 826 Nanticoke Creek Parkway, Jarvis, Ontario Canada N0A 1J0 (ph 519 587-2667; meller@optionsdsl.ca; www.meller.ca).

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