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ATV Log Skidder Now Even Better
“A few years ago FARM SHOW published an article on my home-built, 2-wheeled log skidder that rides on a pair of 10-in. wheels (Vol. 38, No. 1).  The front end of the log was chained to a cross member located just ahead of the wheels. I used my Suzuki 4-WD ATV to pull it. It let me haul big trees out of the woods with less damage than using a big tractor,” says Eric Petrevich, Glen Gardner, N.J.
    “I recently rebuilt the log skidder so that it works even better.  All I have to do is back the skidder up over a log, then wrap a chain around the log and hook it onto the hook on the skidder.  As I pull forward, the log will raise itself and automatically drop down to the ground when I stop.  I don’t have to lift, roll, hoist, or manipulate the log in any way.  It’s a simple design that works great.”
    Petrevich used 2 1/2-in. sq. tubing to fashion a V-shaped frame for the 2-wheeled skidder. He made a square arch from the same material. For the slider bar, to which the log is chained, he used 2-in. pipe. The slider bar runs from the tongue back to the top of the arch.
    He mounted the skidder’s original wheels on homemade weld-on spindles and matching hubs.
    To use the skidder, he positions it over a log and wraps a chain around the end of it, then hooks the chain to a hook on the slider bar. As he pulls forward, the hook slides up the bar, lifting the end of the log.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Eric Petrevich, Glen Gardner, N.J. (farmshow@megageek.com).

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