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One-Of-A-Kind Antique Seeder
Jimmy Smith, Winter Haven, Florida, recently sent FARM SHOW photos of a rare 3-pt. mounted, 1-row antique seeder and fertilizer unit he inherited from his dad. He wants to sell it, but says letting go won’t be easy because of all the memories it brings back.
“This planter was built in the early 1960’s by Covington Co. in Dothan, Alabama, and was designed to plant and fertilize at the same time. I think it was an ingenious piece of equipment, and I’ve never seen another one like it,” says Smith. “Dad was constantly making minor modifications to the planter to get it to work right.
“We used the machine to plant our 5-acre market garden up until about 1990. Then it sat behind our shop for many years. It has a fiberglass fertilizer hopper on the front and a double metal seed hopper on the back. There are 5 curved shanks on the front, 2 on each side and a flat blade, or harrow, in the middle followed by a pair of 12-in. dia. openers and a big steel closing wheel.
“The closing wheel was used to chain-drive a shaft and gearbox located between the double seed hoppers. The shaft continued forward to the fertilizer hopper and activated a rotating steel plate fitted with eight 1/2-in. dia. metal pins that stuck out to the side. As the plate rotated, the pins contact a spring-loaded metal bar which releases a slide gate at the bottom of the fertilizer hopper. A small amount of fertilizer would then drop down ahead of the double openers and just ahead of the seeds.
“We used the machine to plant several different crops including sweet corn, watermelons and muskmelons, cucumbers, okra, and squash. Dad would drive the planter, and my job was to walk behind it and make sure that everything was working right.”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jimmy Smith, 28 Casarena Court, Winter Haven, Florida 33881 (ph 208 906-7781).

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