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“Flex” Hopper Extension For Your Grain Auger Bed
increases your grain auger bed’s capacity by 12 to 13 bu., and lets you unload grain trucks up to 30 percent faster while greatly reducing unloading loss,” says Paul Romack, Dieterich, Ill.
The patent pending, bolt-together kit is compatible with all swing bed augers and assembles in 30 min. with no special tools required. It includes a stainless steel, powder-coated frame; 8 spring-loaded panels made from UV-resistant plastic; a heavy duty pvc waterproof rain cap; and a weighted mesh mat. “The mat sits under the swing auger bed to catch any grain loss, while allowing water to filter through resulting in more bushels in the bin at cleanup,” says Romack.  
Installation is as easy as setting the Flex Hopper inside your existing auger bed. No mounting to the auger is required. The hopper is heavy enough to support itself, but light enough to be placed in the auger by 2 people.
“You can run the auger faster and open the gate on the truck to allow more grain in the auger bed without having to worry about the auger slinging grain everywhere. It also helps in case there is a need to quickly shut down, because it acts as a catch bucket while you shut down the auger and close the truck gate.”
He says the flex portion of the assembly is what sets the system apart.
“Almost every farmer has built some sort of box or propped up a board to keep grain in the auger bed. The problem with doing this is that trucks and trailers have different pivot points on the dump beds. If the pivot point is farther forward, then it’s possible the rear of the dump bed will hit the farmer-built box.
“Our system differs in that if the truck bed does hit the hopper, its flexible sides will move with the truck bed and then spring back once the bed is lifted. The system retains all its benefits even when flexing the sides of the hopper. The heavy duty rain cap keeps rain out of the auger bed so it doesn’t turn the grain into a stinking mess, and the mesh mat helps in the same way. All these benefits result in more bushels in the bin.”
The Flex Hopper comes in standard orange and black, but custom colors are available. Frame sizes are made specific to your auger bed. Auger bed dimensions are needed when ordering.
The kit sells for $995. Dealer inquiries welcome.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Paul Romack or Brad Schumacher, SRMD Solutions, 202 West Center St., Dieterich, Ill. 62424 (ph 217 925-5773; paul@srmdsolutions.com).  

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