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Breakthrough In Applying Chemicals
"Every farmer who does any amount of spraying needs our new UTM spray system to avoid wasting costly chemicals," says Gerald Gebheim, president of WALM, Inc., Arlington, Tex.
Gebheim's just-introduced UTM system that's "Untank Mix System" eliminates premixing of chemicals and water, and gives the applicator fingertip control of application rates by injecting chemicals directly into the sprayer on the suction side of the spray pump.
"There are a number of advantages to using the UTM direct injection system," Gebheim explains. "First, you can apply chemicals within 5% of the selected application rate. Most tank mixes are only within 10 to 25% of the selected rate. Plus, the system is easy to calibrate since most of the calibration is already done at the factory.
"Third, with the UTM system, you can apply two different chemicals that you wouldn't be able to tank mix. And, if you're in fields with varying weed problems and soil conditions, you can automatically change the chemical application rate with a switch on the control unit. The selected rate remains constant no matter what the ground speed.
"The UTM system is also safe. There's no need to handle chemicals directly. You can pump them right out of their original containers. When nozzles clog, you can shut off the chemical pump so only water is going through the booms.
"Another advantage," Gebheim says, "is that you can reuse both the chemicals and water that are left over when you're done spraying since neither was ever mixed with the other."
The UTM system consists of a ground speed indicator which is actually a wheel mounted on a non-drive tractor tire, sprayer or implement tire. The indicator is connected to a 12-V control unit mounted on the tractor.
The control unit mounted in the tractor cab controls the amount of chemical injected per acre and monitors the miles per hour, acres covered per hour, and gives a readout of the total amount of chemicals applied per hour. An electrical pump mounted on either the tractor or sprayer pumps chemicals to the sprayer via a hose teed into the suction side of the spray pump.
Gebheim notes that the turbulencein the pump is enough to mix the chemicals once they're injected. On diaphragm and roller type pumps you'll have to supply a bypass loop for pressure regulation. On all tanks you'll need to shut off the agitator so the water and chemicals don't mix in the tank.
A UTM system for most farm-size sprayers sells for $1,695 and includes the control unit, ground speed indicator, one pump and tubing. Systems with two pumps for injecting two different chemicals at once and systems with a 1 gal. per minute output which are suited for flotation rigs and other large sprayers, are also available. Chemical tanks are not supplied with the system.
For more information. contact: FARM SHOW Followup. WALM. Inc., P.O. Box 121066. Arlington. Tex. 76012 (ph 817 265-6268).

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