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Simple Stalk Knockers Protect Combine Tires
“Our new Stalk Knockers can save you a set of combine drive tires, and you don’t have to remove them when hauling your cornhead on a trailer,” says Dave McGargill, Randolph, Iowa.
He and his brother Kenny, who both farm, came up with the idea about 2 years ago. He explains that Stalk Knockers attach to the header using the same bolts that hold the snapper roller gearbox. The 10-in. wide, 1/4-in. thick steel plates set at a 20-degree angle, hovering about 3 1/2 in. above the ground and bending the stalks forward so they point away from the tires.
“It’s a simple design that keeps the cost down with no chains, bearings or springs. They sell for only about one third as much as most other combine-mounted devices that flatten stalks,” says McGargill. “Another advantage is that Stalk Knockers hit the stalk about half way down and break it open just above the brace root. That creates a better seedbed the following spring and can help minimize the need for additional tillage passes.”
Stalk Knockers can be mounted on all rows including the 2 under the head’s feederhouse. “Most other devices attach to the back side of the head, with no place to attach them under the feederhouse. The forward design also means the plates stay on the row better when going around corners,” says McGargill.
Stalk Knockers are designed for Deere, Case IH, Drago GT, Geringhoff, Cat Lexion, Gleaner, New Holland, and Capella combine heads. They sell for $98 per row plus S&H.
McGargill says later this spring they will introduce a new “super flex” Stalk Knockers model that’s designed to absorb shock. A limited supply will be available. 
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Stalk Knockers, 3690 110th St., Randolph, Iowa 51649 (ph 712 386-2216 or 712 370-5078; sales@stalkknockers.com; www.stalkknockers.com).

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