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PB Blaster Used On Manifold Bolts
Steve Schurman, Randolph, Neb.: “Recently I had to deal with 6 twisted-off manifold bolts in a John Deere cylinder head. I remembered some tricks I’d read about in FARM SHOW and decided to try them.
  “When I heated the head with a torch and applied candle wax, it flared up and lit my beard on fire. Then I welded a washer to one of the bolts, applied more wax, and burned my eyebrows off. Finally, I welded a nut to the washer, applied more wax, and soon had to leave the shop to go get ‘first aid’.
  “When I returned 20 min. later, I applied PB Blaster to the bolt. Started working the nut with a wrench and it came right out. The rest of the bolts came out the same way.
  “If a moron like me can do this, anybody can. Thanks to all the guys who’ve sent in their ideas for dealing with this situation. A machine shop would have charged a fortune to extract the bolts. Next time, though, I’ll use 24-in. barbeque tongs to apply the candle wax.”

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