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“BriteTap” Provides Cool, Clean Water For Flock
The BriteTap® Chicken Waterer is designed for small backyard flocks, making it easy to provide water as clean and cool as expensive watering systems in large poultry operations.
It’s designed to fit a beverage cooler from Igloo or Rubbermaid brands. Just remove the spigot and replace it with the chicken waterer spigot. At $19.99 for a spigot (with two waterers), plus the cost of a cooler, it’s an inexpensive way to provide the 8 oz. of clean water a chicken needs every day.
“What makes it work so well is that it’s a closed system so nothing contaminates the water,” says Mark Delman, general manager of the company. “It also has plugs to clean out the interior. And, because the beverage cooler is the water supply tank, water stays cool in the summer.”
Designed so chickens can’t perch on it, the spigot always stays clean. The red and silver colors attract chickens’ natural instincts to peck at things so they quickly learn how to use it. When the chicken’s beak hits the long metal valve stem, it disengages the rubber gasket and releases water in the red cup right into its mouth.
Delman notes that he introduced the waterer in 2012, but upgraded it last year with one larger, cleanout-plug, instead of two. It is made of silicone to be more durable and UV-resistant, and the unit is BPA-free.
He tells customers to remove their old watering units when introducing BriteTap. After the chickens eat and are looking for water, let some water run out so they see it. Once one chicken figures it out, the rest will follow suit.
“It should be kept at beak height,” Delman adds.
Besides beverage coolers, the waterer can be inserted in drilled holes of plastic buckets and other containers. BriteTap can be used to water chicks more than 2 weeks old, ducks, quail, guinea fowl and rabbits. Delman also offers Freez Free nipples to use with bucket deicers in heated coops.
The BriteTap Chicken Waterer is available, through its website and on Amazon as well as at about 200 stores throughout the U.S. Wholesale and dealer inquiries are welcome.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, ChickenWaterer.com, LLC, 265 Cambridge Ave., Box 60881, Palo Alto, Calif. 94306 (ph 321 348-8378; www.chickenwaterer.com; mark@chickenwaterer.com).

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