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He Cuts Firewood With A Freestanding Steel Sawhorse
A Tennessee farmer says his freestanding steel sawhorse was inexpensive to build and makes cutting firewood an easy job.   Gordon Mariner, who farms near Goodlettsville, uses the 12-ft. wide sawhorse to cut logs up to 20 ft. long. It’s made entirely from 1 and 2-in. sq. tubing and rides on his tractor’s loader forks.
“I use the loader to place the log on the sawhorse and then start cutting up the log. It quickly folds up out of the way for storage.”
The sawhorse has 3 pairs of 5-ft. long square tubes spaced closely together at one end of the sawhorse, and one pair at the other end. There’s a 4-ft. wide opening at one end of the sawhorse where Mariner starts cutting. Each pair of tubes is hinged together in the middle by a single bolt. Spreading the tubes apart forms V-shaped openings at the top to hold the log. A pair of horizontal bars attach with set screws to the front and back sides of the sawhorse, to keep the tubes rigid.
A chain that fastens to metal hooks connects each pair of tubes together to keep the tubes from spreading too far apart. By removing the chains, Mariner can quickly fold up the sawhorse for storage.
“I used it for the first time last fall, and it worked great. I used material that I already had to build it,” says Mariner. “I’ve even used it to cut old power poles into 6-ft. sections, which a neighbor used as corner posts for his fence.
“I start at one end of the log and work my way down to the other end. I never have to move the log at all. The three pairs of tubes at one end of the sawhorse add weight to keep the sawhorse from tipping over as the log is cut up.”
Mariner usually cuts the wood into 18-in. long pieces, but he can adjust the length by loosening the set screws and sliding the tubes back and forth along both horizontal bars.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Gordon Mariner, 1102 Cartwright Cr N , Goodlettsville, Tenn. 37072 (ph 615 477-8099; gmar501@aol.com).

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