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Wireless Driveway Alarm
A "wireless" Minuteman Alarm that lets you know when someone has just driven into your driveway entrance is new from Lithcow Mfg., Hoopeston, Ill. It sounds an alarm in the house, giving you a few minutes to prepare for visitors. Or, on some occasions, gives you time to decide whether or not you want to be at home - depending on who it is that just drove in.
The Minuteman Alarm is wireless - which means you don't need to string any wiring from the -house to the driveway. In most cases, you don't even need to do any additional wiring in the house since it plugs into a regular 110-v outlet.
The system consists of a "house" and "driveway" unit. The "house" unit is placed on a bookcase, counter, table or elsewhere, on the "driveway side of the house. The companion "driveway" unit goes alongside the driveway and 50-75 yards from the one in the house. (It can be closer, but no further away.) The driveway unit can be mounted on a stake in the ground, or on an existing post or tree - just so it's on the "house" side of the driveway and ebout 3-6 feet off the ground. Then lay the connecting hose across the driveway and you're ready to start operation.
An optional "home" unit is designed to turn on a table lamp or other light in the house whenever a car drive in. If you're gone, the light will come on if someone drives in, and go off when they leave.
A just-introduced electric eye model operates on the same way without laying a hose across the driveway.
"We'll soon be introducing a unit with an electric eye that can be set up two to five miles away from the house unit. It will be ideal for farmers or ranchers who live in one location and have livestock or machinery in another," explains Gene Lithcow, designer and manufacturer.
Will wind, snow or rain bother the alarm?
"Weather of any kind won't bother systems equipped with the electric eye," answers Lithcow. "Snow can interfere with the hose unit, particularly if it gets compacted on top so the hose can't sense vehicle traffic. Generally, however, this hasn't been a big problem." He notes that "satisfaction is guaranteed on all units. To date, we've never had one returned because it didn't work."
Suggested retail costs are $139 for the model that uses the hose, and $179 for one with the added light turn-on feature. The electric eye unit with a buzzer alarm sells for $419, and the electric eye unit that turns on a light for $339.
For more details, contact FARM SHOW Followup: Gene Lithcow and Sons Manufacturing Co., Box 103, Hoopeston, Ill, 60942 (ph. 217 339-2475).

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