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Log Skidding Cone Made From Plastic Barrel
This homemade log skidding cone, made from a plastic barrel, was featured in a recent issue of Northern Woodlands magazine. Brett R. McLeod, an associate professor of forestry and natural resources at Paul Smith’s College, says it only took him about 10 min. to make.
The barrel should be proportionally sized to the logs you want to skid. For firewood, a 25-gal. barrel is ideal; for small 10-in. dia. logs, such as those shown in the photos, McLeod chose a 35-gal. barrel that had been used for commercial cooking oil.
Use a marker to outline a U-shaped opening on the side of the barrel and a 2-in. dia. hole in the bottom. If the barrel has a top, remove that as well. Then use an angle grinder with a cutting wheel to cut out the U-shaped opening, and a hole saw to cut the 2-in. hole.
To use the cone, place a choker chain diagonally across the bottom of the cone and roll the log partially into the cone, then set the choker. Thread the end of the chain that goes to your 4-wheeler or tractor through the top of the barrel.

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