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Garage Door Opener Converted To Side-Mount
Needing more overhead room in his shed, Larry Wood converted the garage door opener into a side-mounted one.
  He got the idea soon after he built a large new shed equipped with 3 overhead doors. Two of the doors are 12 ft. wide by 12 ft. high, with a ceiling height of 14 ft. He was able to use standard long-stroke door openers on those. But the third door is 8 ft. wide and tall, and that’s where he mounted the side-mounted opener.
  “I came up with the idea because I drive our motorhome in through one of the 12-ft. high doors. The back end of the motorhome extends in front of the 8-ft. door, which is why I needed to keep the space above the door open.”
  His solution was to buy a standard opener and mount it vertically on a wooden beam next to the door. He also bought a chain sprocket and installed it on the door spring shaft, and then installed a chain to drive the door.
  “It works better than I thought it would. The mounting bracket for the door opener is adjustable, which makes it easy to tighten the chain if necessary,” notes Wood.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Larry Wood, 2081 Newmans Cardington Road, Waldo, Ohio 43356 (ph 740 360-1956; lawpressman@aol.com).

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