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Handy Hint For Grinding Valves
“Anyone who has ever tried to grind down worn engine valves knows that unless the valve head is perfectly smooth and clean, the suction cup on your valve grinding tool won’t stick very well and can easily fall off. It’s very annoying,” says Michael Heron, Rivercourse, Alberta.
“To solve the problem, I came up with a way to rotate the valve head using a 2-in. long wood plug from a hole saw. I rotate the plug with my fingers to grind the valve, and once I’ve finished I can easily pop the plug off without damaging the head.
“I remove the valve, hot glue the plug onto the valve head, and then apply valve grinding compound around the sealing surface of the head. Then I put the valve back in and use my fingers to rotate the plug a few times, until the valve and valve seat make a continuous lap seal. I then pull the plug off the valve head. It comes off easily because hot glue doesn’t form a real strong bond.
“Instead of using my fingers, I could use a screwdriver to rotate the plug. Also, the cork from a wine bottle could be used instead of the wood plug as long as it has a slightly smaller diameter than the valve head.
“The same idea would also come in handy on side valve or airhead engines, where there isn’t enough room to use a grinding tool.”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Michael Heron, 452078 Range Rd. 13, RR 2, Rivercourse, Alberta Canada T0B 3X0 (ph 306 821-6367; m.heron@sasktel.net).

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