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Air Compressor Used To Activate Truck Air Brakes
“When working on semi trailer air brakes, it’s difficult to diagnose problems by yourself. You have to walk back and forth from the tractor to activate and deactivate the brakes. Also, with the tractor engine running it was difficult to hear any air leaks,” says Lucas Greff, Mott, N. Dak.
“I solved the problem by using the air compressor in my shop, or the one on my service truck, and coming up with a simple valve system with a couple of 50-ft. hoses. It lets me activate and deactivate the brakes from anywhere around the trailer, without having to hook up the truck to it. When used in the shop, it also provides for silent activation which helps in diagnosing issues.”
He bought several brass fittings, a pair of ball valves, and an air coupler, hooking them all together to make a U-shaped splitter that hooks up to the compressor. Hoses hook up to the splitter and run to a pair of couplers that he attached to the “gladhand” interlocking hose coupler that was already on front of the trailer. The hoses supply pressurized air from the compressor to the brakes on the trailer.
“I just park the trailer in my shop or in the field, and then turn the valves on to activate the brakes and listen for leaks,” says Greff. “If I want to I can ‘feather’ the valves to slowly activate the brakes. It works equally well on the trailer’s service and emergency brakes.
“My total cost was only about $25.”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Lucas Greff, 5751B 96th Ave. S.W., Mott, N. Dak. 58646 (ph 701 824-4485).

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