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“One Size Fits All” Nut Gatherer
“Our new Cyclone Nut Rake is designed to pick up nuts off the ground and dump them into the bin on front. It lets you gather all different types of nuts, from the smallest to the largest, just by adding or removing detachable spacers from between the pickup wheels,” says Matthew Coz, Woodland Power Products, West Haven, Ct.
“High-density polyethylene pickup wheels roll over the nuts and collect them, and a set of removing tines knocks them off into a removable bin for easy disposal.”
The nut rake is available as an 18-in. wide walk-behind model or a 36-in. wide tow-behind. Both models allow you to pick up any size nut, from acorns and hickory nuts up to black walnuts and sweet gum balls.
“The spacers are slightly smaller than the pickup wheels and serve only to increase or decrease the space between the wheels. With most other nut gatherers, you have to buy a separate machine to switch from very small to very large nuts, or vice versa,” says Coz.     To install the spacers, you pull a hinge pin from each end of the axle and slide the pickup wheels off. “It takes only about 10 min. to add or remove a set of spacers,” says Coz.
He notes that the tow-behind model can pick up nuts going forward or backward, whereas other tow-behind models on the market can only be used going forward. “The removable bin lets you dump the nuts easily,” adds Coz.
The walk-behind Cyclone Nut Rake sells for less than $650 including shipping; the tow-behind model for less than $850 including shipping.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Woodland Power Products, Inc., 72 Acton St., West Haven, Ct. 06516 (ph 888 531-7253 or 800 663-9700 Canada; info@cyclonerake.com; www.cyclonerake.com).

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