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Handy Ideas Keep Cattle Watered
A tank sled and a pressure gauge make it easier to keep Michael Isaksson’s 50 head of cattle well-watered. The sled keeps the water tub from being knocked over, and the gauge lets him check for leaks or other problems with the waterlines running to his pastures.
“I’ve been pasturing cattle for 50 years and practicing rotational grazing for half as long,” says Isaksson. “Until I built the water sled, the 60-gal. tank would get tipped over several times a year, and the float would often get damaged. Now it just slides if the cattle push against it.”
Isaksson’s tank sled is a simple framework of 2 by 6-in. pressure-treated lumber that brackets the tank. The framework is mounted to 1-in. skid boards, making it easy to pull into place as needed.
“The low sides let me slide it up against a fence so cattle of all sizes can drink from either side,” says Isaksson.
Adding a pressure gauge to the water lines that go to the cattle was a simple way to keep an eye on water pressure. Most of his mile-long water line is 2-in., and a leak or break can waste a lot of water before it’s discovered.
“I installed the gauge close to the road and to the house, so it is easy to see,” says Isaksson. “I can recognize if leaks or problems occur. If the pressure drops, I can shut off the pump, so it doesn’t keep running. It doesn’t prevent problems, but I can recognize them faster.”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Michael Isaksson, 14680 Kleinhans Rd., Herbster, Wis. 54844 (ph 715 774-3852; alfredisaksson1986@gmail.com)

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