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First-Of-Its-Kind “Extendable” Trailer
Here’s a new idea in utility trailers that we’ve never seen before – a 10-ft. “extendable” trailer that can be quickly lengthened to 14 ft. whenever you need more capacity.
    Developed by Willis Trailers in Lynchburg, Va., the trailer comes with a fold-up floor assembly on front. It consists of 2 pieces of expanded metal which are hinged in the middle and rest on a steel frame. The frame rides on a pair of telescoping steel tubes that are free to slide back and forth on rails.
    To lengthen the trailer, the operator releases a pair of latches on back of the trailer, which unlocks the telescoping tubes. After he gets in the vehicle, he applies the trailer brakes to lock the trailer’s wheels in place, then drives forward to unfold the floor at the front of the trailer. A pair of hinged handrails that rest on both sides of the trailer are then folded down and pinned in place.
    To return the trailer to its shorter length, the operator returns the hinged rails to their rest position and uses a lever to break the plane on the extendable floor. He then applies the trailer brakes again to lock the wheels, and backs up until the trailer is compressed to its original length.
    “An extendable trailer offers a lot of advantages,” says Willis. “It provides the hauling capacity of two medium trailers, which means you have fewer trailers to maintain and pay taxes on. The load capacity is the same whether the extendable part of the trailer is open or closed.
    “Another advantage is that if just one part of the trailer gets damaged due to an auto accident or job site mishap, you can replace it instead of having to buy an entire new trailer.”
    The trailer is available as a single axle 3,500-lb. model that sells for $3,500, or as a 5,500-lb. model with dual 3,500-lb. axles that sells for $4,700.
    Willis says the company also plans to introduce a 14 to 20-ft. extendable trailer and a 30 to 45-ft. gooseneck trailer, as well as a single car hauler that can be extended to make a 2-car hauler.
    The company provides dealers with a first-of-its-kind marketing plan. “Dealers sell directly through our website, without having to stock trailers on their lot,” says Willis. “Once the customer decides to buy a trailer, an Uber vehicle picks up the trailer at our factory and delivers it to the dealer.”
    You can watch the trailer in action at www.farmshow.com.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Willis Extendable Trailers, 1035 Avalon Drive, Forest, Va. 24551 (ph 434 610-1856; info@willistrailers.com; www.willistrailers.com).

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