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7-Gal. Ice Cream Maker Inspired By FARM SHOW
Don Peterson liked the looks of a 5-gal. ice cream maker he once saw at a campout, but he didn’t like the $1,500 price tag. When he saw several articles about “made it myself” ice cream makers in FARM SHOW, he decided to make one of his own.
“I had some salvaged stainless steel, and I like to weld. I’ve always had more time than money,” he says.
He made the canister for the ice cream mix out of a 5-gal. bucket-sized piece of pipe. The ice and salt canister is about 3 in. bigger in diameter. It is also taller so it can accommodate the turning mechanism. A sheet of insulating foam is secured around the outside of the ice canister.
Peterson fashioned the scraper paddles out of UHMW poly and mounted them to a stainless steel framework that rides inside the inner canister. It is turned by a spider gear from a Ford rear end that is mounted to the outer canister.
The ice cream maker is mounted to and powered by a 1970 Ford lawn mower with a side shaft. It rests on a steel platform mounted to the front of the mower.
Peterson ran a belt from the side shaft to an inline 12-in. pulley mounted to a jackshaft. A 2-in. pulley on the opposite end of the jackshaft drives a 24-in. pulley on the spider gear. The increasing size of the pulleys reduces the shaft speed significantly.
“I would like to get it even slower, but I don’t have room for bigger pulleys,” says Peterson. “As it is, I run the mower at idle when making ice cream.”
The ice cream maker gets used 4 or 5 times a year at family reunions and special events, like church and a special needs group gatherings.
“I can make about 7 gal. at a time,” says Peterson. “I buy a mix from Wal-Mart and add it to 3 gal. of milk and 2 gal. of cream.”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Don Peterson, 827 W 400 S, Heyburn, Idaho 83336 (ph 208 431-7363).

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