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“Log Train” Flower Planter
“My wife Martha loves to plant and tend flowers. One day as I was cutting firewood, I noticed two or three ash logs laying next to each other on the ground. It gave me the idea to make a decorative planter for our front yard,” says Bill Martin, Jamestown, Ohio.
The 6-ft. “log train” he made consists of 8-in. dia. logs set onto a 1-ft. wide curved “track” made of black mulch. It’s located between a paver stone wall and an area of white crushed rock and includes three 18-in. cars, hollowed out to hold flower pots, and a 2-ft. locomotive. All mount on stationary wooden wheels.
The locomotive features a black engineer’s cab made from thin plywood; a solar-rechargeable LED headlight; and a cow catcher made from welded-together 1/4-in. bar stock. Wiring for the headlight runs through a hole drilled in the log and back to a battery located inside the cab. Martin used plastic plumber’s tubing to make a smokestack for the locomotive.
“It took quite a bit of time to build, but it turned out great,” says Martin. “I bought a solar stake light and used my Bridgeport mill to cut it apart, keeping only the light and light housing. I also used the mill to cut slots across the bottom of each log to set the axles in. I cut up a small wooden fencepost to make most of the wheels. I also drilled drain holes into the logs below each flower pot.”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bill Martin, 6928 State Rt. 734, Jamestown, Ohio 45335 (ph 937 620-7542; billgatorjr@att.net).

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