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Online Business Specializes In Miscellaneous Old Parts
You can sell just about anything online if you have a good picture.
For example, if you need an electrical relay, a crank for a Ford Model A, or maybe you’re looking for an antique hay trolley for a collection, NPS Industrial Surplus may have it listed.
Owners Jason and Kimberly Salisbury, Nicollet, Minn., will also help you sell your old stuff. They list items on eBay and sell through online auctions on a commission basis.
“We’re pretty much selling anything mechanical. We don’t do a lot of the typical household or estate items. We have a following that looks to us for outdated, obsolete parts,” says Kimberly Salisbury. “We sell a lot of electrical panels and enclosures - one was over 500 lbs. and took up a whole pallet. We have electrical relays, circuit breakers, and oodles of appliance parts for washers, dryers, microwaves, and refrigerators. Things that help people fix older equipment they don’t want to replace. We also have lots of implement and tractor parts manuals and catalogs and some John Deere parts for older tractors.”
The freelance graphic artist spends much of her time photographing items for sale. NPS often has more than 3,000 active eBay listings in addition to their online auctions. Typically they store everything in their 3,600 sq. ft. warehouse, but larger items remain at the owner’s property until sold, such as a sawmill they recently auctioned.
The couple added the online auction services in April 2019, and have found a big demand.
“Typically we work with retirees who are downsizing or older folks who want to clean up their farm sites or estates. Or with kids cleaning up their parents’ estates,” Salisbury says.
To tap into a larger market of potential customers, NPS is part of K-Bid, which offers bidding software and exposure to more than 300,000 bidders.
The couple owns a semi with a 48-ft. trailer to pick up items over a wide area.
Once the photos are taken, an online auction runs for at least 2 weeks. Customers have a few days to arrange for items to be picked up or shipped to them. Typically it takes 6 to 8 weeks from the beginning of the process to when clients receive checks for their sold items. NPS consignment fees average between 8 and 25 percent depending on the value of items being sold.
Salisbury notes that some online auction companies tack on fees for mileage, photos, etc., but the NPS commission covers everything. She invites people with questions to call about NPS’s auction and eBay services and to check out their website or Facebook page.
“We like to give people a good deal,” Salisbury says.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jason and Kimberly Salisbury, NPS Industrial Surplus, 340 Ash St., Nicollet, Minn. 56074 (ph 507 720-8089; www.surplusmn.com; auctions@surplusmn.com; Facebook: NPS industrial).

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