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Building A Machine To Bale Snow
I was talking to reader Greg Hemming the other day and he told me hes working on a machine to bale snow.
  I figured he was kidding so I pressed him. Why would you want to bale snow? The answer is that Greg lives out on the prairies of Saskatchewan where livestock farmers often set up windbreaks if they have cattle out on fields during winter. The problem is that they have to move the big windbreaks around and then bring them back in again in the spring. Hemming figures that if he could make big bales of snow, he could stack them up as protection from wind and they would simply melt away in the spring.
  He told me that hes working to modify a conventional baler, but instead of pickup fingers itll have paddles to pull snow into the bale chamber. Moisture will be added to the bales to harden them, and Hemming says you could even color them if you wanted to use them for other purposes like making a wintertime maze or even an igloo.
  The baler isnt finished yet. Greg said hed get us pictures once its up and running.

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