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My Dad And His Magnetic Shirt
My father, Bill Newhall, doesn’t have the flexibility in his fingers that he had earlier in his 93-year-old life. That means he sometimes has trouble buttoning shirts. About a year ago (Vol. 43, No. 2) a reader sent in a “best buy” report to FARM SHOW on MagnaReady shirts which have small magnets sewn into the linings. They hold the shirt closed. The buttons on the shirt are just for show.
  Dad liked the idea so I got him one to try out.  
  To “button” the shirt, you just lay one side of the shirt over the other and you’ll hear a series of small clicks that means the shirt is secure. Even the cuffs have magnetized closers.
  After he tested it out a few times, I asked him for a report.
  “The shirt is very comfortable. Nice material,” he told me. “The magnets have just the right amount of strength to stay fastened and open easily. I really like how the shirt works.”
  However, he noticed that his Bulova quartz watch would run about 10 min. slow on days when he wore the shirt. At first he thought the watch battery was dying so he put in a new one, but the same thing happened. He began to suspect that the magnets in the cuffs were affecting the watch.
  Being a FARM SHOW kind of guy, he decided to remove the magnets on the cuffs and have button holes sewn into them so he could use the buttons that were already on the shirt. He was very pleased that it only cost him $6 to have a local seamstress “reconfigure” both cuffs. “When I started wearing the shirt again, my watch was just fine,” he told me.
  I got in touch with Laura Baumgartner at MagnaReady to ask what she thought about my dad’s modification of the shirts. “We have actually found out that the magnets can affect some watches. Good idea by your dad to swap them out and use the buttons already on the sleeves,” said Baumgartner.
  Bottom line, my dad loves the shirts and would recommend them to anyone with “button issues”. At around $65 they’re not cheap but he thinks they’re worth it and he’s not a guy who tosses money around willy nilly. To get more information, go to www.magnaready.com (ph 866 635-8866) or amazon.com.

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